This photo is a little unsettling to me. I was really out of my mind that day. Out of my mind as in not in my head. It's amazing I had the good sense to take my own photo. This photo was shot is the bathroom mirror. India was unsettling to me at times. Not much is the same as here in the USA. The people have a different way of looking at their lives. Hanging out with them took me to a different place. The Green Hotel, Mysore India.

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Right: Fog and fungus at Spring Creek Pa 1990's. The film got old and fungus appeared all over. I still have some. Pretty eerie. It could be the year 1860. Left:Goes to Rodeo Photos Webpage September 2008

Goes to Allison's SLR and Printing Website. A Penn State project. March 2008 State College Pa.

Shelley in Pumpkin Patch, McKelvey's Fort Pa 2004
Every year John Dickison and Tracy have an "Ugly Lamp" contest at their house. It's a benefit for the Huntington Center. There is a small pumpkin patch in their back yard. I put several people in the patch and took their photos. Shelley owns Rag n' Bone in State College Pa.

Baby Iris Outside
I like that she sits like this for cuddling. We used to take Iris outside but she flew away once so we stopped doing that. I had to fetch her from the top of the neighbor's pine tree. it was a pretty scary moment when she flew away. I chased her down the driveway but she was too fast. I saw her fly full speed into the tree top and i ran heart pounding back to the house and yelled for help. I got the big ladder and a long pole from the garage and when i got down to the tree there were people around. "Did you see her fly out?" no they said. but many local birds flew in and out of the spot. they said to her, "Hey mrs. fancy feathers you aint from around here are ya?" it's about 25-30 feet up there i guess. I put the ladder against tree when i got to the top of the ladder there was iris sort of scared and holding still. I put the pole under her feet (the ladder was too short) and she stepped on it. I handed her to the ground people on the end of the pole. Iris is a Senegal parrot. 8x10 Deardorff. Bellefonte Pa

Working Man
There are two famous photographs one by Lewis Hine of a man wrenching a nut on a boiler and one by Minor White a hard-hat-clad man in a concrete hole. I've carried these images in my head for years. I've said to myself, "I wish I took that photo." This photo has the same feel and much the same message as those two famous photos did. I didn't go out intentionally looking to copy someone else's work but I felt no guilt copying the message. 6x7 film

Working Men
State College Pennsylvania 2005.I've been involved in the construction business and have had a life long interest in craftsmanship. I appreciate hard work and skilled craftsmen. The worker ties us to our past. It isnít true that money makes the world go around - the working man does. 6x6 film

Sunray & Sugar
Sunray is at ease in front of the camera and he makes a good subject. Sunray can be thoughtful and considerate but sometimes he feels troubled - Look at his forehead in the sugar photo.

Sunray & Grill
Albuquerque New Mexico 2005

Cafe 66 Diner
Albuquerque NM 2005. In these I feel the final work is greater than the sum of the parts. If you view the photos individually it is one thing. Put them side by side and an entirely different story is told. The multiple panel images often emphasis time. It is the time that is passing as you view it and the time that passes from our past to the present. The photos of the diners also bring with them a nostalgic quality. I feel it connects us to our past, and points towards the future. The multipanel pieces also have a broader narrative message. It is hard to tell a story with one photo. The essence of one image changes when it is presented like this. When the photos are packed closely together the viewer sees them all at once and then goes in for a closer look. It is a riddle of sorts. 6x7 film

Flirting Waitresses
Cafe 66, Albuquerque NM 2005. I was surprised that Sunray rejected my suggestion of asking these two to go to the Sandia Casino with us. We went alone. Usually Sunray is interested in meeting women. I think they liked having their picture taken. At first I didn't realize that the waitress on the right was posing for me. She was standing like that in front of me (that isn't my order) and I felt stupid for almost missing my cue. I very quickly brought the camera to my eye and fired before she lost patience with me. 6x7 film

Steam Engine Show, Centre Hall Pa 2004. Young lady browsing at the Show Flea Market. There is a class of photography that deals with the capturing of moments in time - thin little slices of time when two dissimilar worlds meet. You may have seen this phenomenon in real life but the camera captures it best. This is 35mm street photography. You shoot many rolls of film. You shoot freely but pay particular attention when you feel energy. Editing is a big part of the process. You may get one good photo out of 200 negatives. A lot is left to chance and that is part of the excitement. 35mm film

Atlantic City New Jersey 2004. This is an arcade at midnight during the off season. I snuck behind the wall and took these photographs. Many of the rides and exhibits were closed. There is an atmosphere I hadn't seen before and one can imagine the hundreds of people that threw darts at those images and rings onto those plastic ducks. The individual photos tell less of a story but collectively they form a broader picture. Art is helped by what the viewer brings to it. In this case I bring my interest in carnivals, the street kids, the struggling people of New Jersey, Frank Sinatra and his friends to the photograph. I can hear the voices, smell the kettle corn and taste the cotton candy when I look at this photo. 6x7 film

Mary Beth with Binoculars
Spring Creek Bellefonte Pa 1999. Printed 2006. Semi directed 8x10" Trix contact. I like the position of MB's legs and the way she appears to be a cutout pasted onto the page.

Mary Beth with Hose
Mary Beth filling the waterwalls in the garden. Bellefonte Pa 1999. Printed 2006. They keep the plants warm in the spring so you can plant earlier. I love MB's hair. She kept it long for me through 15 years of marriage but cut if off after that. 8x10" Trix contact. Some vignetting from the severe front standard fall.

Pittsburgh and Trolley
1984(?) The PPG building was under construction. All that glass and shiny new metal was unnerving rising above the dark old buildings and trolley car. Pittsburgh's rein as the steel capital had ended and a new beginning was emerging. The office workers just went about their business. Sometimes sparks fell from the trolley car wire. It was pretty at night. 8x10" Trix

End of New Photos section. Cameras used above: Mamiya 7 6x7, Deardorff 8x10, Konica 35mm, Diana 6x6.

All photos below taken with 8x10 Deardorff

Mary Beth and the Sunflower
MB in her garden. She likes to give life to things. Once a woman told me this photo made her cry. 8x10" TMAX400 contact, 135mm Fujinon.

Allison in Blanket
1997, 8x10" TMAX400 contact, 10" Commercial Ektar.

Daniel in homemade pool. Bellefonte PA
1998, 8x10" TMAX400 contact, 135mm Fujinon lens.

Allison's French Braids
The summer sun and lots of swimming cause her fine blond hair to lighten. She is a YMCA Shark. Looking at a stone lined stream in Shingletown PA. 1996, 8x10" TRI-X contact, 10" Commercial Ektar.

Fixing Allison's Hair
Parker CO, We walked through this field and explored the valley. There were aromatic grasses and the scent of Pinon Pine. 1995, 8x10" Neg, TRI-X , 16" Schneider Lens with Packard Shutter.

Walking the Dogs
Taking a break with Skinny (Whippet) and Sara (Basenji) Allison, MB and her sister Kathy. Parker CO. The sun was setting the shutter speed was long -1/4 perhaps. 1995, 8x10" TRI-X contact, 10" Ektar Lens.

For me the shadow of spinning Cossetta on the wall of the house suggests the relationship of Sun to the Earth and to the children. The trampoline relates to the roundness of the frame. I am placed into the photo by my shadow and the apparent involvement of my camera via the vignetted frame. 135mm Fujinon, 8x10" TRI-X contact, 1998.

Allison Playing Houdini Game
I discovered Allison tied up here. She said she bet Daniel that she could get untied in less than 5 minutes. I didn't like this. "What if a bear comes out of the woods and eats you?" I said. "There's no bears in our woods." said Allison. "Oh... Don't move. I'm going to get my camera!" 8x10" TMAX400 contact, 135mm Fujinon. 135mm Fujinon.

Allison with Pheasant
Mary Beth saw this pheasant on the road while driving to State College. She stopped the car to look. She put it in the car to take it home and bury it. Allison wanted to have her picture taken with it. 240mm Fujinon APO 1/4sec

Paul and Jock Sturges
I visited Jock Sturges at his San Franciso home. This is in front of his house. About 1993. I put the camera on a garbage can on self timer. We walked to a neighborhood Vietnamese restaurant. He gave me the text he wrote for the Scalo Photo Book Museum Fur Moderne Kunst. They didn't use the text so I think I'm the only one that has it.

Link to Jock Sturges

Allison's Tiger Slippers Shot/Printed June2000/Mar2008 Shooting Allison's new tiger slippers with the Deardorff hanging upside down. This was at the old house on Green St. I have a Sinar P now.

A little about my photography:

Photography has grown to be an important part of my life. I have learned much that is important through photography. What am I talking about, you ask? If you look at the things around you, a rock, a tree, your family, the sky, these things form something large. They are all part of the whole, that whole which is life. This lends itself well to my approach to photography. See "My approach to Photography" below.

My involvement in photography started in 1975. Initially I was drawn to the all those interesting knobs and dials found on the top of SLR's. I pined for a Petri 35mm SLR. It offered the best knobs per dollar value. I pored over the camera ads in the back of "Popular Photographer".

As I got older my interest in photography changed.

A Turning Point-

One turning point was the reading of Ansel Adam's "The Negative".

This opened my eyes up to the greater possibilities of what photography could be. Ansel is the king of technique. He literally wrote the book on the techique of fine art photography. Later I would go the Ansel Adams work shop in Yosemite, California.

Another Turning Point-

"Alfred Stieglitz and the American Avante Garde". This book opened my eyes to the dedication of such American painters as John Sloan, Marsden Hartley, Georgia O'Keefe, Albraham Walkowitz and Arthur Dove. It intrigued me that these individuals could give themselves over to their art fully and with total dedication. It was their food and their air. Art was all there was. It was at this point that I saw photography as a path to something different. I soon bought my first view camera. A 4x5" Sinar F1. I still have that camera.

Where I am today-

This brings me to where I am today. Since 1982 I have studied the work of many photographers, painters and other artistic mediums. Today I take what I have learned from these artists and I sit on their shoulders.

My approach to photography-

My approach to photography is to view the world with an open mind and heart. When I am moved by something or my intuition tells me something of a different order is at hand I expose a negative. There is more to the photographs than what immediately meets the eye. Look at the photos in this site. There is something else there.

Cameras and me-

Over the years I have owned many modern cameras- In 35mm- Canon, Nikon, Leica. In 2 1/4- Hasselblad, Rolleiflex, Mamiya. In view cameras- Speed Grafix, Sinar, Deardorff etc. I enjoy the craftsmanship and engineering found in finely made cameras and automobiles.

Link to David Rosen Photo Website. We've known each other for 10 years.

John Benigno Photography. Fellow Pennsylvanian photographer

St.Clair III Photography Fort Worth Texas. St.Clair and I were in an exhibit together in Nuevo Laredo Texas.

Ann of Pecan Press Photography have been friends on the Zoners Mailing List for years.

Paul and Camera (21K)

Paul Caponigro Workshop (56K)

Other Worldy

John Szarkowski- Looking at Photographs. One of my favorite photo books.

Paul Caponigro is one of my favorite photographers.