Landscape and Architecture

Bellefonte Lime, 1996
We can hear the lime loader vehicle's back-up alarm from our house at night. The buildings are covered in Lime dust. I am told that metal roofs in Bellefonte do not rust because of the lime dust put off by the mill. 10" Ektar Lens, full rise, 1/4sec, red filter, 8x10 neg.

Sierra Mountains, Death Valley, 1988
Mary Beth and I were on our honeymoon in Death Valley. I had to move the tripod once to let a car get by. 10" Commercial Ektar lens, F64, red filter 8x10" Tri-X film.

School House, Reading PA, 1990
The sun was skipping along the grass as it set. This building is probably from the 1800's. I stumbled across this building on a photo expedition. I never returned. 135mm Fujinon Lens, F45, 8x10 neg.

Wyfoff Run, Cameron County, Near Sinnemahoning, 1995
Now you know where that is! ; - ) There is a special element out there. 135mm Fujinon Lens, 8x10 Tri-X neg.

Spring Creek, Bellefonte PA, 1993
Something is happening in this photograph.
That is a spring house in the foreground. Cool water from Spring Creek flows through the building keeping the perishables that are stored there cool (1890-1920yr typical). This is just over the hill from our house. We ride our bikes past this often. 135mm Fujinon Lens, 8x10 neg.

Tractor Marks in Field, State College PA, 1994
This photo was used for a book cover. Jerry said the tractor marks in the foreground reminded him of the feeling of earth in his fingers. I like that thougtht. P.Caponigro said he liked this one. 135mm Fujinon lens on 8x10" Tri-X.

Paul with Leica by Steve Williams. 90mm lens on 4x5. 9/99.

After I Die. Challenging Photographs