Allison at Parker Dam
Summer 1997. 10" Ektar, 8X10 contact. I am giving this one the Refrigerator Test.

Allison at Moose Creek
Allison is lying on the log taking a break from fossil and treasure hunting. There are bears in these woods. Clearfield Pa. 135mm Fujinon, 8x10 contact. Fall 1996

Allison and Mary Beth on Blanket
Grapes, wine and milk. We lived near Boone NC. Blue Ridge Parkway 1990, 8x10" TRI-X contact, 10" Ektar Lens.

Daniel Running Down Hillside
Daniel (hands over head) ran down the hillside in Meatcamp NC, The vignetted frame and my shadow offer an alternate perspective. It is apparent that there is a camera and a photographer involved. The viewer peers through a hole. 1990, 8x10" TRI-X contact, 135mm Fujinon Lens.

Allison and Pond.
Allison stepped in front of the camera when I was about to take a picture of this pond. I am learning to accept these serendipitous things. To incorporate them in the photograph. 8x10" negative, 10" Ektar lens, Dingman's Ferry NJ 1997

Mary Swimming.
Mary Beth's hair floated in the water behind her like ocean kelp. Her swim suit flapped under the water like fins of a fish. Bellefonte Pa, 1997, 35mm Tmax400, 50mm lens.

Snow Fort
Allison and Daniel making a snow fort. They took me up here to show me their snow fort. I couldn't believe my eyes. The shadows, the snow, the fort- So exciting. I ran (ran!) all the way home through the deep snow, grabbed the camera gear and hauled it quickly back. It was even better when I returned. I told J.Sturges that I thought I had a good one in the holder. He said, "I never say that! Gremlins will mess up the undeveloped shot." 1996, 8x10" TRI-X contact print , 135mm Fuji lens

Mary Beth (with wine glass), Mary Vollero (on porch) and myself. Bellefonte Pa 1997, 8x10" TRI-X Contact, 10" Ektar lens.

Paul at Prince Gallitzin Park, Pennsylvania
Summer 1999. 4x5, Steve Williams -Boalsburg PA.