Landscape and Architecture

Bilger's Rocks, Clearfield County PA, 1994
A very mysterious and frequently visited place is this Bilger's Rocks. Jerry, Steve and I have visited BR in all weather conditions and seasons. I believe this photograph was taken on Christmas Day. 135mm Fuji lens on Tri-X film.

Trees. Manitoulin Island Canada, 1993
I cannot explain why I was drawn to take this photograph. It remains compelling to me. 135mm Fuji lens on Tri-X film.

Rocky Mountains. Near Boulder Colorado, 1996
I lug my 8x10 Deardorff camera on vacations. This photograph was taken on my first vacation to Colorado. Sort of looks like Ansel's [please rise] Yosemite Valley shot doesn't it? 16" Schneider Lens, Tri-x, the sky is burned.

Tyrone Forge Quarry, Tyrone PA, 1996
Something I don't often do is point the camera upward like I did here. Tilting the camera introduces unwanted distortions - but not in this case. Red Filter, Fujinon 135mm lens, 8x10 Tri-X film.

Dune State Park, Lake Michigan Indiana 1993
There is a sinister and evil feeling about this spot. Fuji 135mm lens on Tri-X 8x10" film. The grass required some burning.

Bridge Abutment, Tyrone PA 1996
This photograph has an "Atget" feel about it don't you think? Also it would be difficult to place the year of this photograph if I hadn't listed it. It could just as well have been 1905 as 1996. 135mm Fujinon Lens on 8x10" Tri-X film.