Back Porch, Bellefonte Pennsylvania 1996
The sun fell softly on the snow and it was quiet. In a situation such this I sense something, take the picture and worry about what was going on later. If you think too much about it you may miss it. The snow mound is hollow. Daniel and Allison made it. 135mm Fuji lens on Tri-X film.

Stream, Rocky Mountains Colorado 1997
There is a peculiar energy here. I cannot adequately describe it. I can say that if felt of another world. 135mm Fuji lens on Tri-X film.

Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs CO 1997
What a cloud! I have never seen a cloud like this in Pennsylvania. What good luck finding it behind this magically sun bathed hill. 135mm Fuji lens on Tri-X film, red filter, waited for the tourists to get into position.

Steam Pipes, Bellefonte Lime, Bellefonte Pa. 1996
135mm Fuji lens on Tri-X film

Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina near Boone 1992
135mm Fuji lens on Tri-X film

Bilger's Rocks, Clearfield County PA 1996
10" Commercial Ektar lens, 8X10 Tri-X film

Paul at Spring Creek.
Photograph by Steve Williams