Updated: Sept 2016 added BMW, December 2015 snow scooter, August 2015 trip to Martinsburg, Sept 2014 new Hyper, April 2013 Picked up Steve, Dec 2012 Red Ducati , Scooter and BMW,
Sept.2011 Wellsboro trip,June 2010 New Harley Bars,Roadhouse, Ducati, Added BMW Fix
Sept 2016. Steve's back is better so we went to Altoona the back way. Had the Big Slam at King's. This is my new to me 2005 BMW R1200RT. Had to sell the Hypermotard to finance it. Photo: Steve W Sept 2016. Steve's back is better so we went to Altoona the back way. Had the Big Slam at King's. This is my new to me 2005 BMW R1200RT. Had to sell the Hypermotard to finance it. Photo: Steve W
August 2015. Road to Mamies in Martinville with Steve W. This is near Spruce Creek Pa. (2008 Ducati Hypermotard). Sept 2014. There is a Penn State home gave today so Steve and I high tailed it out of town. Went to Mame's in Martinsburg Pa. I could only eat 1/2 of the corn beef hash on potatoes. Spilt the rest in my backpack on the way home. Sigh. That's Steve 250 Piaggio and my 1100 Hyper. Due Italiano.
Sept 2014. Bought this bad boy on eBay. Drove my pickup to Mobile Al to pick it up. As is tradition Steve shoots a photo of me with the new (2008 Ducati Hypermotard). Aug 2015 Fueling up at Unimart with Steve. Road about 1.5 hours to Martinsburg. Got up before sunrise so as not to use up day sleeping. Photo: Steve W.
Bought this bad boy from a barn through Craig K. The engine was stuck but I WD40'ed it and broke the piston loose. It's in the rear of my 1988 Chevy truck
on the way back from purchase. Summer 2011.
9/2014 Steve on the way to Mamie's Cafe Martinsburg Pa.
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April 2013: Steve broke down and pushed his GT250 a mile and a half, had enough of that, then I picked him up in the blue truck.
Just squeezed it in between the panini press and the Bruel & Kjaer mic amp. We dropped it off at Kissell's. The fuel pump
stopped pumping. In 2009 when his LX150 broke down I had to go to Altoona to fetch them. See right.
2009: Steve and his LX150 go for a ride in my truck. Picked them up in Altoona Pa. It wouldn't start.
Turned out the crank shaft output shaft was stripped. Steve traded it in on a new 250GTS vespa.
Link to Steve's Scooter Page
This summer Ken Hull put work into hosting Pistons and Pints. We meet at his barn in Boalsburg Pa. It's sort of an eclectic atmosphere.
Participants include a commercial jet pilot a student a Ducati mechanic and a cook. Photo: Steve W. Summer 2012
Photo: Steve W. Zooming around behind PSU ag admin building on the day of purchase. It's been a custom to take my new motorcycle to Steve's office for photos. 2009 Ducati 1198 Termignoni's Race Processor and tuning by Kissell Motorsports. Thanks for the motorcycle Kevin. 2011
Summer 2012 Photo: Ken Hull. Road the BMW K1200GT out to Fisher's Harness shop in Madisonburg Pa. Traded the Crossbones in for it even. Summer 2012. Thought I'd change the front tire myself. Hung two 16mm fillm projectors off the luggage rack. It lifted the front wheel off the ground. State College Pa.
Changed the original ape hanger bars over to these 'beach bars." I guess in the 40's you drove your motorcycle on the beach. 2007 Harley Crossbones.
It was easy but care was taken not to scratch the tank and the headlight. The levers and controls and cables hang all over when you pull them off.
I scratched the tank on my previous motorcycle changing handlebars. Also the brake fluid cap leaked a little as the controls hung down.
Sept. 2011 Steve and I went on a camping trip to the Pennsylvania Grandcanyon near Wellsboro Pa. That's me on the Kawasaki Concours. We stayed at Stoney Fork Creek Campground. HREF="http://www.stonyforkcamp.com/"> Link to Stoney Fork Creek CampgroundPhoto: Steve Williams
Steve shot this in front of his house. Brand new motorcycle. Man that's a sexy motorcycle. It's the Italian thing I guess. Summer 2009 The Roadhouse Pleasant Gap Pa. There are motorcycle meets on Wednesdays. Dennis, Chuck and I participate in those. There's often a band. I'll bring my motorcycle. Dennis and Chuck arrive in a Chrysler. At least it's a stick.
Aug 2009. Steve and I rode to Black Moshanon Lake. He shot my new skull shoes. Val at the coffee shop wanted to show me her new skull piercing.
Aug 2009. Thermos and coffee on Bald Eagle Mountain. 2007 Harley Crossbones. Photo:Steve Vespa S (gts) 300cc. Steve road testing for Kissell Motorsports (hotlink). Aug 2009
Greenwood Furnace Pa June 2009. Steve and I did the Belleville/Reedville loop through this park in Greenwood Furnace. This dam was built in the 50's we estimate. We stopped at this Amish barn raising. Aug 25 2009: The BMW gs650xmoto. So I took the covers off and reconnected all the connectors and battery terminal. I learned how to access everything in the process though. First time I had it apart. Nice quality fittings and hardware. Lots of thought put into the mechanical design.
Boalsburg Pa 2009. On my 2008 Harley Crossbones. I wear a helmet - this was for the photo. Photo:Steve Williams You can really maneuver well. It can operate nearly at idle in gear without fear of stalling. Go to Harley Davidson Crossbones HomePage
Boalsburg Pa. All Harley photos by S.Williams. Good photos eh? Steve's pretty good with his Nikon D700. New Nikkor Zoom f/2.8. Not sure why I'm biting my lip like that. The driver's seat is on springs. If you hit a big bump it bounces but you don't normally notice it.
1964 Vespa G.L. 150cc AirCooled 2 Stroke. I got this one June 2006. Photo:Steve Williams
Photo:Al Ruby. This is my '88 Chevy Panel Truck and 2003 Vespa ET4. Mostly I shuffle about medical and research equipment in it. But sometimes it is the transport vehicle for the State College Scooter Club.
Top Secret Scooter club State College Pa
Paul and new BMW G650 Xmoto Supermotard. Steve took the photo behind the PSU Ag Building. The motorcycle was just an hour old. A supermotard is an dirt bike with street tires. Very light (320pounds) and a huge suspension. It is very tall and has a high ground clearance. You could literally drive over a Beetle with it (if you were good enough). I was getting cold. Riding around in October in shorts and short sleeves...I'm used to my Concours and the large fairing. 10/2008 State College Pa.
Oct. 2008 Photo:Steve Williams. Kissel Motorsports made me an offer I couldn't refuse. It is the most fun motorcycle I've had. One cylinder 650cc pudda pudda pudda. I drive it across the yard and over the sidewalk and curb instead of using the driveway. I look for things to ride over and around. I've driven around Johan's house through his construction. I pulled the front wheel off the ground giving it a lot of gas and clutch at the same time. I can reeeeally slam the brakes on and I do just for fun. Slide the tail over into the parking spot. It has ABS but I turn it off mostly.
Michael V and Burke P invited me on one of their mountain pass rides. Clinton County Pa. We stayed within our limits. They video taped us for their Facebook pages. Photo: Burke Pushman 5/2008.
Boalsburg Pa 2006. On my DRZ400SM Suzuki SuperMotard. I wear a helmet - this was for the photo. Photo:Steve Williams Mama Mia! From the Piaggio Italia Website. Go to Italy to the Vespa HomePage
Ducati 1098 on pit jack stands. Checking tire pressure and cleaning chain. State College Pa 5/2008 Checking tire pressures. The front was 22psi. Argh. It's suppose to be 33psi. The owner's manual is in 'bars' for tire pressure. Who has a bar gauge for gosh sakes? (multiple bar by 14.5 to get psi)
I drilled holes in some new mufflers to replace the originals. I did this to increase the power and give it a kick _ss sound. I added holes until the desired (not excessive) sound was reached. It's probably the best sounding motorcyle in Centre County. I have a sound level meter. See the photo. State College Pa 2/2008 State College Pa 8/2007: Sold this FLSTF to finance the purchase of the Yellow Ducati. Photo: Steve W.
Oct 2005 Paul lights it up with his ET4 at Kissel Motorsports in State College Pa. Photos: C.Kissel Bob Dionis and me. I can't remember why he is hugging me like that. I was rubbing my eye hoping that he'd stop. But he didn't...those Italians. Summer 2006. Altoona Pa. Photo by Steve. The three of us were riding scooters and Harleys.
3/2008 Ducati 1098 swingarm. The first thing I noticed when I saw this motorcycle in the showroom was this rear swingarm. It appears to be a handbuilt piece of sculpture. The chain passes THROUGH the swing arm. One nut holds the wheel on and it is single sided. Very elegant and sexy from an engineering standpoint.
2007 Ducati 1098. Everyone has a red one. At 160HP and 380 pounds you hold on tight. I'm getting used to it now. It is exhilarating and you feel powerful riding it. I had it at full throttle in second and third today. I'm afraid it will flip over doing that in first. During the first week I had to relearn motorcycle riding. It isn't like any other motorcycle I've had. First this safety notice: This motorcycle is for the race track or for the highly responsible. It accelerates so fast you have to be on your toes at all times. The rear end of cars, stop lights and curves approach in a surprising manner. The front brakes are racing type. It takes very little finger effort to stop the motorcycle. I locked the front tire up twice in response to cars attempting to turn in front of me. The handlebars are far forward and spaced together so you don't get leverage in parking lots and tooling around the 'hood. You have to expertly negotiate low speed corners and parking lots. There is less room for error. Don't let your kid get one of these. Steve's driveway Boalsburg Pa 6/07 Photo:S.Williams
Allison holding Poodle & Lady photo taken from magazine ad. Feb 2008 She said, "That can't be real or the animal rights people would be crying up a river." State College Pa 3/2008: Brembo Monoblock front calipers increase the stopping power.Same as on the racing model. They are made from one casting (not two pieces joined as on other motorcycles.
Oct 2007 Tyrone Pa: Steve and I did a Sunday morning ride. The leaves were changing and Steve stopped here to shoot his Vespa with the pumpkins. Cow Concours = Motorcycle. 1000cc Ninja motor. Ducati Maccanica Jacket. It means "Ducati Machinery". Photo by Steve. Merry Christmas! December 2007 from Steve's Driveway! Boalsburg Pa
July 2007 Sinnemahoning Pa. (Near Clearfield) Steve and I did a hundred miler on Sunday. I got this new (to me) 2000 Kawasaki Concours. That new Ducati I bought last month is the world's worse highway traveler. Steve stopped to take a photo of his scooter with the river as the background. I found the pictured, perfectly cut two by four, piece of lumber. It was cut in a mitre box. So I set it up on edge and wailed at it. Made it half way across the road. I'm crazy about this motorcycle. It is the best travel motorcycle I've driven. Smooth and quiet. Inexpensive ($3400). Very little wind disturbance. Places to stow your luggage, camera, thermos and snacks. I'm used to carrying it all in a backpack. It is the best value in touring motorcycles. 7/2007
Doing a burnout in the front yard. 150cc of pure power. You can't talk to me
My new aluminum motorcycle jack. 5/07 photo: Allison
Cuba NY 1986. This is my brother Daryl on my first motorcycle. XLX61 1000cc. An acquaintence dropped it at an intersection the day I brought it home from Pittsburgh HD. Boalsburg Pa Fall 2006, Paul doing donuts on the 150cc powered wasp (Italian word for 'wasp' is vespa). First week of driveable ownership. Two stroke - kick start. Ring ding a ding. It sure has a lot of character. Photo: S.Williams
Jan 2007. Horsing around in front of the house. Steve and his LX150 go for a ride in my truck. Picked them up in Altoona Pa. It wouldn't start. Turned out the crank shaft output shaft was stripped. Steve traded it in on a new 250GTS vespa.
Italia est Insula!
Doing a wheelie by the loading dock "Hey! This ain't no Harley!" Me and 1984 Honda Elite Scooter. Just like Linda Hamilton's in "The Terminator" See my Honda Elite Poem.
I parked my 95 fatboy in Bob V's garage in the winter. He lives a bicycle ride away. Which brings me to this. How can you tell if a girl is gay? 1.She has short hair 2.She likes horses 3.She wears Eddie Bauer or Cabella's 4.The litmus test and this is in the Bible - She wants a Harley. All of these things I found through exhaustive research (the guys at Roon's Collision Repair told me). Thank you Kim and Steve for the scooter girl cut out.
Steve took this out back of the Ag building at Penn State the day I got my new 2003 ET4 Vespa. Man that was the most fun you can have for $4000. "Hey! This is a Harley!" My '95 Fatboy. This is the picture I used on Ebay.
Paid $12500 for it on Ebay sold sold it for $13000 the following year. Super loud. The PoPo pulled me over the second day I had it. Had to put quieter pipes on it. Nazi communists!
What the heck is a rat doing on the Scooter Page?!(Earnie drinking cappuccino) Why's this photo found two other places on this website? Shut up.
Cool Steve standing on his 150LX Piaggio. Link to Steve's Scooter Page
I have motorcycle trouble. I have a girlfriend in Dayton. Every time I get on my motorcycle...it goes to Dayton. That's motorcycle trouble isn't it? 2004 Harley Fatboy FLSTF

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