Other Worldly

October 1998


Mike Sherer stated-

> I am fascinated by your discussion of something other worldly in front of

> the camera...how can one capture such a concept...or is it a feeling to go

> for in your images...truly a fascinating concept that I would like to

> share with my students...


Paul Ruby responded-

> The concept is that the energy or the "source" is already and actually

> there.

> That we have to be available to accept it. Quiet yourself down.

> Get to a place in your mind and heart that will enable the subject to

> communicate to you.

> There is the unknown other world elements. They are sensed

> but not fully understood.


> You are correct in both counts

> 1. Something other worldly is actually there in front of the camera.

> 2. A photograph can cause the feeling in the viewer.

> 3. Both 1 and 2 can occur in both the making a particular photo and the

>viewing of the resultant image.


> It doesn't always work for all viewers. First they may not be available.

> Secondly their life experiences

> may take them to a different place.